I'm organizing and speaking at a Free Software workshop next week - any tips?

Submitted by throwaway in freeAsInFreedom (edited )

A local anarchist book café agreed to let me organize an event at the café dedicated to software freedom and GNU/Linux. I'll start by introducing everyone to the world of FOSS, and finish off by helping people install copies of Elementary OS and Lineage OS if anyone is feeling brave. I'll also hand out Elementary installation USB's.

Any good ideas for what I should mention, how I should go about presenting things or how I can spice up the event?

e: Here's the description of the event:

Come join us for an evening dedicated to software freedom and technological cooperation. Get an introduction to the world of Free (as in freedom) Software, get some hands-on experience with Free operating systems, or, if you're feeling adventurous, have your smartphone and laptop liberated from the chains of proprietary software, surveillance and intellectual property.


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Throwmeout wrote

I did this actually! More geared towards privacy/security. Have you thought about giving out tails USB’s instead?


throwaway OP wrote

Yeah, I considered it, but most of the people attending are young militant anti-fascists, with no technological background whatsoever. They'd have a hard time managing Tails, but I've found Elementary to be pretty simple.


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

I find the workshop takes waay too long sometimes if you include too much. How many people are going to the event?

I've done some workshops about Tails, and trying to help people understand the installation process took a while, let alone its usage. I can't imagine covering a general intro lecture to FLOSS, letting people test software, and then attempting to root/rom-flash specific models of phones (which includes having to find specific drivers and firmware) and install lineage within a span of time that wouldn't have people itching to finally leave before it's over. I might have one whole session on Lineage, and one session on the FLOSS stuff. But maybe you know some fast tricks about rooting/rom-flashing phones that I don't, and can pack everything into about 2 hours.

Otherwise, informational handouts are really usefull and allows people to have a reference and reminder of the details. Coffee and snacks are great. Have a 10 minute intermission. You can even play a short video to intro the talk. Having a big screen showing a live session is usefull and allows you to demonstrate what you speak of.


Fossidarity wrote

Some topics:

  • Proprietary hard/software makes it easy for states/companies to add backdoors/data collection and by extension can't be trusted
  • FOSS stimulates a DIY ethic
  • Similarities between FOSS and anarchist communities