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gone wrote


I am bored with computers atm. The question isn't whether I want to try to run Hyperbola LTS without systemd or Free-Dora cutting (not bleeding) edge with systemd, it is whether I want to waste any of the limited number of fucks I have to give on whack-a-mole with web 2.0 any more.

The web I felt dragged onto kicking and screaming during the barely remembered "Anthrax in the postal mail" scare following 9/11/01, however, was sweet and funny and helpful and amazing and brave and silly and ridiculous and heroic in its own way and will always be one of my favourite "back in the days when I was in my 30s and dinosaurs roamed the earth" bedtimestorymemorytales.

Nice to know we agree on this, heckthepolice. Great username. I was momentarily afraid you were my underaged child because he has a similar sense of humour, but he would never have used the term "Web 2.0" or walked this earth long enough to see javashit as a symptom rather than an isolated problem in itself.