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transhumancom wrote

just another instance of DRM hurting everyone but pirates


OldHippieChick wrote

Leah was working on freeing the X220/T420 at one point but that may have turned out to be not possible or not the best use of her talents.

T400/X200 is fine for now, but it requires more tech skills than some of us have. X60/T60 can be software librebooted but can't run 64 bit. 32 bit has already been discontinued in Ubuntu and other major distros, although I do understand that there are "unofficial" 32 bit images.

32 bit is still supported in Trisquel and Parabola. For now.


basin wrote

I just hope that RISC-V takes off and we finally have a decent free alternative.


_______deleted__________ wrote

Luckily, ARM seems to be getting more traction. Still, I probably won't completely switch over until those x86 emulation projects get further along. I'm not fond of the idea of losing my entire library of games.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

ARM manufacturing partners usually release their products with proprietary firmware for the drivers. So the situation isn't much better, there could be rootkits in those and it's incredibly difficult to detect it.


_______deleted__________ wrote

True. Though, some other organizations have started doing more with RISC. Maybe we'll get to see more of it outside of ARM.