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Aesbeth wrote

If you don't mind tinkering and spending mind-numbing hours in a terminal modifying config files, you can use Y U No Host.


lookin4 wrote

Hey, this seems to be a cool project, but yeah, I see it through the glasses of a techie.

Anyway I would like to encourage u/RedEmmaSparks or anyone here whenever they will have the time, curiosity and pleasure to learn how to f/DIY host your needs. It gets you a better understanding of computers so nothing will be lost, even if you fail. And there are many communities out there offer help if you want.

There is also and


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

Sorry I'm late to the party. For a quicker route to hosting your own email I recommend - it's a combination of a howto guide and a program (shell script). The howto walks you through renting a server and setting up DNS. The shell script sets up the server for you, you just answer questions like "What is your name?" and "What domain name did you buy in the DNS service?" and so forth.