Get Me My Own Email Address

Submitted by RedEmmaSpeaks in freeAsInFreedom

I apologize if this is like the easiest question ever, but I am totally not a coder/techie and I was hoping one of you good people could point me towards something that would enable me to have email outside of hotmail, gmail, yahoo, and other corporate giants. Because I know all of them would sell me out in a heartbeat and probably already has.


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urieldacosta wrote

ProtonMail seems to be a pretty popular alternative. It's Free Software released under the MIT License. It's user-friendly and free-of-charge.


fturco wrote

As far as I know ProtonMail backend is still proprietary.

Old comment from 2015:


urieldacosta wrote

Interesting, I didn't realize that. Looking at their github, I see that they do have some backend code up there, but most of those modules are ones that they forked from other Free projects (and are therefore required by the GPL to make Free). The reason they give in the thread you linked for keeping their server-side proprietary is totally bogus, also. Thanks for the correction.


Aesbeth wrote

If you don't mind tinkering and spending mind-numbing hours in a terminal modifying config files, you can use Y U No Host.


lookin4 wrote

Hey, this seems to be a cool project, but yeah, I see it through the glasses of a techie.

Anyway I would like to encourage u/RedEmmaSparks or anyone here whenever they will have the time, curiosity and pleasure to learn how to f/DIY host your needs. It gets you a better understanding of computers so nothing will be lost, even if you fail. And there are many communities out there offer help if you want.

There is also and


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

Sorry I'm late to the party. For a quicker route to hosting your own email I recommend - it's a combination of a howto guide and a program (shell script). The howto walks you through renting a server and setting up DNS. The shell script sets up the server for you, you just answer questions like "What is your name?" and "What domain name did you buy in the DNS service?" and so forth.


OldHippieChick wrote

If you are under sixteen, I would recommend: because it is seriously the only option after many hours of many people digging around. It's donation rather than paid, so it might be the best option for you even if you aren't a minor.

If fifteen euro a year is okay, then I am very happy with:

Riseup, of course, was THE anarchist email provider back in the day and I will support them with small monthly donations forever, but their servers are based in the US so I cannot, in good conscience, recommend using them for anything sensitive.

You will need to install enigmail, so probably the easiest email client is Thunderbird. It's not my favourite either, but there is more to life than computers and it will get the job done.


buckE wrote

but their servers are based in the US so I cannot, in good conscience, recommend using them for anything sensitive.

I hear this sometimes. I don't understand it. Have you read articles like these?

That was 2013 and things have changed on both sides of the Atlantic ocean but I think logs are not required in the USA at this moment? Please tell me if that's incorrect.


basin wrote hands down. They say they dont track you. But you have to consider that even with most email providers you'll just have to take their word for it. Thats why you use PGP to encrypt your emails. Protonmail looks nice, but if you want to use something other than their website to read email, you'll have to use a paid, proprietary application. has IMAP support right off the bat so you can use any client.