Evacuating the Titanic: on i86 processors jxself.org

Submitted by gone in freeAsInFreedom

Here in steerage, I have turned off the "yank on your bootstraps so you can buy better and newer" bot to save energy for librebooting parts-and-repair 32 bit machines. That will keep us going long enough to know when the Carpathia gets here.

It's colder than shit and this life jacket makes my butt look too fat but I'm still here, Luke has been amazing behind the scenes with the EOMA68, and I'm glad I was able to buy him a cup of coffee instead of whining and wishing I could have the very first prototype.

Raptor Talos is also supposed to be worth supporting if that's where your life circumstances put you.

No fucking way are those lifeboats leaving without my kid. Your kid can have my space if somebody has to die, though, I've already lived and your baby deserves a chance too.


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