Tipue-Search deleted its Git history

Submitted by disfalo in freeAsInFreedom

It used to live at https://github.com/Tipue/Tipue-Search

I recovered as many Git commits as I could, I uploaded it here: https://notabug.org/jorgesumle/Tipue-Search. The code it's still free software and can be freely downloaded from their website, sure, but how can I trust it, if I cannot see the changes introduced with each new version?

The original developer had a toxic relation with contributors. Usually they would get pull requests, but they ignore them completely without any feedback. Then, after 6 months or so, they included them in a new release. I was one of those contributors.

I use a modified version of the code. For that reason, I'd like to keep its history open and include improvements and fixes as long as they arrive. As the main developer cannot be trusted, I think the best option is to include features directly without sending them, so one option for me is to keep the development in the linked Git repository.


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gone wrote

Thank you so much from me too, jorgesumle. I'm sure we'll be bumping into each other on notabug in light of current circumstances.