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xxi wrote (edited )

Just to counter with stuff I like more, and thereby providing alternatives, I'll mention them here. As such comments often come off as rude I just want to say that I'm not trying to be a smartass or spew out some poser "cool people use these apps" BS. Taste is subjective. I just wanna comment, haha.

  • Keyboard: Hacker's Keyboard. Not a hacker, but non-physical keyboards generally suck and this one was the least worst alternative for me.

  • Launchers: KISS launcher, Search based launcher and TU-I. I've used all for extended periods of time. KISS feel out of favor a while ago, but I use the last two daily. TU-I is just fun to mess around with and "Search" is minimal. It does what it need to do: open applications, and not much more.

  • Searching: Duck Duck Go. Sort of old and unmaintained. Does the trick though.

  • Writing: Markor. Very handy for scribble down stuff quickly. I like markdown. If I need to write something more substantial than a note I tend to use Termux/Vim if I don't have a computer close by. I like physical keyboards... (See first entry).

  • Reading: for reading away from the browser Document Viewer. The few times I actually bother to read comics: Bubble.

  • Sounds: Vanilla Music. Saw that a instrument tuner was on the list the link leads to. A word about that: I never got any tuner to work well enough to actually use it.

Aside that sort of connects to the tuner thingy: pedometers. Dedicated pedometers always seemed like a more sturdy alternative to me.

  • Browser: Lightning. Lightweight, supports another good app Orbot (Tor, you can enable the Guardian Project repo in F-droid), and customizable enough to get stuff done.

  • Feed reader: Feeder. I usually use other software to read feeds at my computer, but I've played around with Feeder and it's awesome. Web feeds are underrated and often has to play second fiddle to dedicated social media apps. Basically for no good reason if you just want to read the news, what's happening on Raddle or some indie writer you follow. I think that using and demanding web feeds is a way to avoid walled gardens and vendor lock-in.