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OldHippieChick wrote

I'm currently only on Mastodon and it's locked down tight so you would need to identify yourself by your Raddle or IRC handle so I can recognize you.

I have also used and enjoyed Diaspora* in the past. The reasons why I deleted my accounts had nothing to do with the site itself.

I'm social. I like cats. I'd love to know more about what's out there and am particularly looking for appropriate communities for my two youngest children.


elyersio OP wrote

I'd say just let your children meet people in real life. Someday I'd like to do that.


OldHippieChick wrote

You can come over if you want. I know how to make pancakes.


Seriously, though, my second youngest is an adult and would be a Gnubie and my youngest is very happy where he is, I just hope he isn't too much of an imposition or a distraction.

I understand that minors are a bigger drain on the community and that it's hard enough keeping things safe for adults.

I was just asking because you, Copenhagen_Bram, know more about computers and the internet than I do.


retiredshared2 wrote

Mastodon on of course, as well as Matrix to some extent being a form of social media.


ntm wrote

Mostly private rocketchat/mattermost instances. is open-source, but the main instance (for tech news) is invite-only. I think the fact that uses tags and not sub-forum, makes it better because it doesn't consist of fractured communities. And because the user-invite tree is transparent, it's harder to pad with sock-puppets.


basin wrote

Mastadon,, IRC, and some foss chans.