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jadedctrl wrote (edited )

You should start with Python— it's pretty simple, cuts out of the BS a lot of languages have, and is super-popular, so there's a huge amount of docs/questions online from other beginners if you need it.

I liked Learn Python the Hard Way (here's the PDF)— it really teaches you the language, and takes only about 20 minutes a day (eh, or whenever you have the time).

It doesn't get mathy at all. :D


5_0_4_1_5_8_7 wrote (edited )

It's good but it's not quite right, as the sayin' goes.

First of all use JetBrains and subscribe to talk-python :D

2nd, set up a trello-board or two to track progress and stuff & use dpaste if things go off the page.

At this point you'll be slightly perplexed - but that where subreddits and books come into play ;-)

If you need a hero; Fabrice Bellard is your guy for this year.

Also if you do use you shall need to get an anonymous non-geographical github account.


After that, and it is a weekend thing - I would try Alison courses to brush-up on other skills.

Oh and bookmark everything (online)!

perhaps just bookmark linuxjourney (today) and build it up over the course of a season or two.