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md_ wrote

Another vote for Kdenlive. It's easy enough to use while having some of the features the other casual-user-oriented ones do not have.

Hyperbola probably has a recent enough version of Kdenlive, but Trisquel is probably on an old version, so not recommended. The rendering will be slow on an X200 unfortunately. I think there's no video encoding hardware acceleration on the GMA 4500MHD Intel Graphics chip it uses, so all the work will be done by the CPU.

A great feature of the Kdenlive in recent versions though, is the ability to work with "proxy clips". So you can make all the editing on low-resolution versions of the clips, and then switch to the full quality source files only for the export. It makes the editing process more tolerable on weaker computers.


elyersio wrote

Someone recommended Shotcut to me. I'm gonna give it a try.


ziq wrote (edited )

Pitivi is pretty bad, I use Openshot.


F3nd0 wrote (edited )

I use Pitivi (of GNOME, works well), which should also be available on Hyperbola. If you'd rather use something else, you can try FlowBlade (never tried, but looks nice), Kdenlive (of KDE, works very well), Shotcut (works well), or OpenShot (used to work well, but didn't try in a long while).


365degrees wrote

Kdenlive works great when it doesn't crash. If you just need to put images and music together, you could go ultra minimalist and get ffmpeg to do it though :P