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F3nd0 wrote

How can using a computer help you learn a language?

Computer is a versatile machine that can faciliate a great number of tasks, among them many that help learning a language, such as:

  • Displaying a textbook (about the language).
  • Reading texts (in the language).
  • Playing audio recordings (of people speaking the language).
  • Communicating with people (in the language, via text, audio, or video).
  • Easily searching a dictionary (for the language).
  • Seeking help in online chat and forums (dedicated to the language).
  • Meeting new people (who speak the language).
  • Using specialized interactive tools for language learning.

Certainly, computers are not necessary to learn a language, but can be very helpful in doing so, to the point where one may strongly prefer them to other tools. If one who cares for their freedom were to feel most comfortable using a computer for their studies, it feels natural they would seek to follow this method without the use of non-libre software, as /u/Copenhagen_Bram did.