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autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

I've used AntiX off and on for a while, it boots fast, if you do the 'full' install it comes with a lot of lightweight software installed by default. It also is a nice introduction to a bunch of lightweight window managers. The community makes it pretty clear on their website that they are, if not anarchist, socialist minded (the names their last two distros after asasinated activists, Berta Carceres and Heather Heyer) .

But that being said , while it's an ideal setup for older hardware, i've found their default desktop really fuckin ugly. Another problem comes in because they use Debian repositories for the most part, i tried the 'core' install and when i did a 'apt-get install lxde' it installed systemd!

After that i discovered Devuan which maintains complete debian repositories that have been stripped of any systemd dependancies. I would recommend Devuan hands down and i wish AntiX would switch to their repositories.

if you are a GNU/Linux master you can use Gentoo, Void or Slackware, but i prefer Devuan as most linux programs put out deb binaries and it's easier to install.