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plast wrote

Youtube is the host of wealth of content thats unique and likely only present on that one site. Aside from using peertube, one of the things that should be considered is that you should back up your favorite channels. For people on unix based systems here's a quick guide for doing that with youtube-dl.

1). Install youtube-dl either through your system's package manager or compiling from source

2). Navigate to your favorite youtuber's page, in this guide I'm using a one of my favorites: Bisqwit. The URL should look like this That long string of nonsense is your youtuber's channel ID.

3). Go to the directory you want to store the videos in and run the command 'youtube-dl'

4). After running this command it should take while, but it will download all the videos your youtube has posted.

Happy archiving!


libre_dev wrote (edited )

youtube-dl is great. mpv works with it too. I can also recommend and megadl for similar data expropriation purposes