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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

The project is fully open source Android with no proprietary firmware or drivers, but currently it can't do what you want.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

lineage OS is the only OS that would work with signal/whatsapp/uber. It's basically degoogled android.

Choose your phone from the list of phones that they have it working on, and install lineage OS on it yourself.

Other options that can only call/text and maybe whatsapp: firefoxOS which is dead, there are no new phones coming out, purism librem 5 that isnt out yet but is really promising. Also i think there was something called sailfish os that did a croudfunding but ran away with the money (?).

In the futur we may have postmarket OS which is linux on phone, maybe they'll even get android apps working on it.


ergdj5 wrote

Replicant can handle Signal and Uber, its even-further-degoogled Android.


mofongo wrote

Sailfish OS is still going strong, version 3 is coming out soon. They just focused their ads in their niche homeland and maybe China.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

Sailfish is partly open source and Jolla (the company building it) has the stated goal of making it completely open source, but it's not open source yet.


mofongo wrote

The saddest part of it. That interface is slick and I would like to see it in more places.


doug_fir wrote

I'm using CopperheadOS. Its a hardened, degoogled, android. It works with a signal fork called Noise, which eliminates the dependency on Google Play APIs. Alternative Play service APIs are required for some apps, like uber, so it can be challenging to configure. Copperhead only works on specific devices, like a Nexus or a Pixel. But the security is very comforting


mofongo wrote

ubports, the community version of Ubuntu Phone is also available and supports telegram.