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plast wrote

For semi free as in freedom alternatives (just software)

  • Lineage OS: Opensource degoogled android its the most fuctional and has some decent development and ports but the con is its still android
  • Copperhead OS: Its dead
  • Postmarket OS: no functionality but really promising so keep an eye out
  • Purism phone: The software is about as present as postmarket and the hardware is half real, half vaporware. If it does come into fruition, it will completely free as in freedom, both software and hardware.

For both hardware and software freedom

  • There is none. Even Replicant has proprietary blobs in the bootloader

If you really need smartphone apps your only option is lineage. You can use Yalp store to have google play without the google and microg. If you can part with smartphone apps get a flip phone and use a lightweight laptop with hotspot.