GNU Ring - Open-Source, P2P, Encrypted Messenger and Video Calling Software

Submitted by josefStallman in freeAsInFreedom

If I had to pick a messaging software to use exclusivley from now on, Ring would probably be it. Unlike alternatives like Tox, Ring actually looks and feels like a modern, usable application, with a similar level of polish as something like Skype. P2P is something most users won't be able to get used to quickly, but it trades some small inconvenience for much less involvement of outside parties, drastically increasing security.



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TheCaribGrackle wrote

Installed on a laptop (Linux) and a PC (Windows) and is working ok, but it behaves awkwardly on my Android phone. Great software, considering it is just a beta.


josefStallman OP wrote

I've had some problem on the android version too, but yeah, the desktop versions are really excellent.


boringskip wrote

How does it multiplex the video without a server?


sudo wrote

Jitsi is also good.