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zombie_berkman wrote

isn't disporia developed by and for fash? I thought they got.butthurt about cw on mastodon and made their own because muh freeze peach. Or is that plermora?


edmund_the_destroyer OP wrote

Diaspora is from 2010, well before Mastodon existed. So maybe some fascists (I'm guessing that's what you mean by 'fash') adopted it, but I am pretty sure they were the original developers or current owners of the project.

Free, decentralized, distributed social networks do have a massive potential for trolling and an assembly of assholes. I don't know how well any of these tools allow users to filter out content they don't want.


F3nd0 wrote

If you meant to type “diaspora*”, then no; diaspora* has been around for over seven years, and is therefore older than Mastodon. The other one you likely thought of is called “Pleroma”, and unlike diaspora*, it is compatible with Mastodon (and GNU Social), but I don't know the history behind it.