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xxi wrote (edited )

Read about it a while ago, researched it for a bit but found nothing. Now that you brought it up again took a closer look at that entry.


That particular section was added by David Hedlund who seem to have a pretty decent reputation in regard to the directory and Joshua Gay seem to vouch for him.

You could always e-mail FSF or the people mentioned above. However, the directory doesn't seem like that place that would accept an elaborate troll like that. Because it would have to be sort of elaborate in order to be able to participate in a bunch of Free Software projects without someone calling you out.

For example, see this or the other references on his page.

With that said, what I propose above could be viewed as an argument from authority which is a fallacy, but if I were to make a judgment I'd say that the quip above probably is correct.

Especially if you take into consideration that he's an admin at the directory. I don't know much about their procedures for becoming one but I suspect that you must be trusted to some degree.