Minifree's Libreboot X200/T400 laptops now severely reduced in price. With Trisquel pre-installed

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Hi everyone :)

The Libreboot X200/T400 laptops come with Trisquel pre-installed, by default. They also come with Libreboot installed, which is a completely free/libre BIOS replacement. These systems are endorsed by the Free Software Foundation. All of the hardware is fully supported by free drivers, making this a completely freedom-respecting system.

The version of Trisquel preinstalled is Trisquel 7. Upon request, the pre-release version of Trisquel 8 on can also be preinstalled. Mention it in the textbox on the checkout page, if you want this. As soon as Trisquel 8 is officially released, Minifree will provide version 8 by default.

Minifree is currently running a discount sales push on both the Libreboot X200 and Libreboot T400, in order to make them more accessible to the public. This discount will apply for as long as it is feasible, per increased sales volumes that are expected as a result of this discount. You may remember that Minifree ran such a discount on its products before. Hopefully, this time it will be permanent.

Minifree currently has a large surplus of stock. Additionally, I now have 4 third parties flashing laptops on my behalf, selling systems to Minifree. This means that Minifree can now handle higher order volumes, which has enabled the discount. Previously, this arrangement was not possible, so the prices were higher to compensate for over-demand.

The main intention: to help more people be able to purchase a system with Libreboot preinstalled, by making these systems more affordable. The primary purpose of Minifree, since its inception, has been to bring libre systems to the masses.

The X200 base price has been reduced to 228 EUR (previously 298 EUR). The T400 is now 278 EUR (previously 398 EUR). The 8G RAM upgrade on both systems was previously 110 EUR, now it's 100 EUR. The SSD price has risen from 110 EUR to 150 EUR, with capacity increased from 240GB to 480GB.

2 batteries are included per laptop now, instead of 1, by default.

Additionally, the Libreboot Installation Service has been reduced from 248 EUR to 150 EUR. The extra batteries have been reduced from 50 EUR to 25 EUR. The docking station (sold separately) has been reduced from 50 EUR to 30 EUR.

The systems are available here:

Side note: Depending on how sales pick up, Minifree may also need additional third parties to assist with flashing. Minifree pays equivalent to 10 GBP per hour, where you charge a certain amount of markup per system, when selling pre-flashed systems to Minifree. If such is needed in the future, it will be mentioned on the website. Minifree currently has 2 suppliers in the US, and 2 in the UK.


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