OSS for File Syncing

Submitted by throwaway_molotov in freeAsInFreedom

I'm teaching my partner how to code. To avoid a lot of the complexity we're going to skip GIT for now and just try to collab using shared files. What's the best OSS software to share / sync files locally?

We used to use BitTorrent Sync but then it became Resilio Sync and got all corporate. I could probably get Tahoe LAFS running, but it's likely too complicated for her.


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jadedctrl wrote (edited )

If you think she'll be cool with using the terminal, rsync is probably the cleanest solution— it's simple, and it's a standard.

EDIT: Other than that, you could set up a NAS or FTP server, both of which can be used pretty easily with browsers like Nautilus… though I guess those two would be more for transfers in general, rather than syncing on their own. And they could be used with rsync :p


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

How big are the files you're sync'ing? I'm a big fan of the fully free software sandstorm.io web app platform, and it has file synchronization but I've had issues using it for files above ~1GB in size. They have a hosted service you can pay to use, but you can run your own.