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libre_hackerman wrote

New hardware usually has bad compatibility with GNU/Linux due to propietary firmware, so it's always a good idea to check that before buying. Consider returning the laptop and buy other you know is compatible. If you can't, try using a recent kernel and check if your hardware works better.
Something similar happened to me some time ago with a Nvidia GPU. I got another laptop. And that laptop didn't have a Nvidia inside.
You can choose between surrender and go to Windows, or resist and keep fighting.


ziq wrote

Or use an arch-based distro like Manjaro so the kernel is up to date.


techlos wrote

Gentoo is another good choice, assuming you don't mind waiting for the compile times.


dele_ted OP wrote

I gave Ubuntu MATE a try, and things are working almost perfectly now. The minor incompatibilities is something i can live with, such as a non-working fingerprint reader and a somewhat unreliable microphone.