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sand wrote

ubuntu's problematic iirc... something about sending user data to amazon


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

I think newer versions of Ubuntu don't send data to Amazon by default, but they do put an Amazon 'app' on the home screen. It's the first thing I uninstall.

If NeoliberalismKills wants an experience as close as possible to vanilla Windows 10, I would opt for Ubuntu MATE or Xubuntu. They default to having the task bar at the top of the screen instead of the bottom, but otherwise they're pretty similar to Windows.

I think it makes the most sense to start with Ubuntu or Ubuntu derivatives/flavors because you'll have the most luck with web searches for "Ubuntu how do I ....." versus, say, "Solus how do I ...." or "Fedora how do I ...." or "OpenSUSE how do I ...." even though all four are excellent choices.


nijntje wrote

while ago, but yeah, problematic background.

also that was only on the mainline ubuntu (with unity), not derivatives or sister-distro's like kubuntu, xubuntu, etc