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xxi wrote (edited )

Short answer: No. That'd be like hating workers because they slave under a capitalist system, or the non-white people who had to live under apartheid.

You can hate the system, or operating system, without hating the people who have to exist within it. You can always resist but demanding that of your grandma, or someone like that, would be too much unless there exist practical alternatives.

Longer answer: However, people who have some reasonable way to resist and possess the knowledge for doing so but refrain for doing so I cautiously question. To actually find who that might be is impossible if it concerns populations. I won't assume that kind of privilege unless it's obvious. But embarking on endeavors to find capable people is sort of missing the point isn't it?

It's a system. Something larger than the individuals. Also proprietary OS:s do rely heavily on oppression that comes as a consequence of societal systems. It's probably easier to change OS:s than turning your workplace into something that's owned communally. It's sort of a fitting analogy though. Provide a community-based alternative (online and face-to-face) instead of something that's based on crass on individualism and the help people might need will mostly be there.

If your grandma and others can ask the community for the help they might need most people wouldn't mind using different software, if it works for people to do "their stuff". I don't think they care deeply if it's called Windows, macOS, Debian or FreeBSD.

If these things were wide-spread and people promoted Windows/macOS from ideological choice, well... Those people are worthy of all the contempt in the world. They'd be agitating for bondage well aware of that alternatives exists.