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deadaluspark wrote

Both Intel and AMD have internal "management engine" chips which are proprietary closed source, and both function much like the ballyhooed Intel Management Engine chip.

The best AMD has done is offer to consider open sourcing their equivalent of the management engine to show that they don't have government backdoors. I believe the promise to "look into" that was over a year ago.

As with everything, assume all hardware is compromised and if you are truly worried about personal security, use an open source operating system.

However, if security and whatnot aren't what you're looking for, then you have to make your own choices between the big three, Intel, AMD, and nVidia. As always, there is no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism, so no matter who you choose, it's in many ways a raw deal.

If frugality is more your deal and you want an older processors, the older Intel multi-cores definitely had better performance than older AMD multi-cores, and as such would be a better long-term purchase if aiming for lower-end, older hardware. Also, as with anything used or refurbished, you've at least alleviated some of the environmental concern of the products by choosing to reduce and/or re-use instead of dumping the whole product to be "recycled" in some third world country.