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quandyalaterreux wrote (edited )

Introduced in June 2006 in Intel’s 965 Express Chipset Family of (Graphics and) Memory Controller Hubs, or (G)MCHs, and the ICH8 I/O Controller Family, the Intel Management Engine (ME) is a separate computing environment physically located in the (G)MCH chip. In Q3 2009, the first generation of Intel Core i3/i5/i7 (Nehalem) CPUs and the 5 Series Chipset family of Platform Controller Hubs, or PCHs, brought a more tightly integrated ME (now at version 6.0) inside the PCH chip, which itself replaced the ICH. Thus, the ME is present on all Intel desktop, mobile (laptop), and server systems since mid 2006.

For AMD: The Platform Security Processor (PSP) is built in on all Family 16h + systems (basically anything post-2013).


zombie_berkman wrote

unless its is really old it has IME if it is an intel


elyersio wrote

So, does this Lenovo T400 that came with Trisquel have IME?


dele_ted wrote (edited )

Intel's got their own tool that "verifies" your ME. Free to download for Windows.


e: As far as I remember you're on Linux. Just make a live USB and download the tool there.


thegnu wrote (edited )

If it came from Trisquel from a company like Technoethical, Minifree, or really any other company affiliated with the FSF, it likely didn't come with ME. If you got one on eBay that come with Window$ then yes, it has ME. A good way to tell is what happens when you first boot the computer. If it looks something like this. If it shows that screen then no, you do not have ME on your computer. Hope this helped. :)


elyersio wrote

Well... I got it on Ebay, but it had Trisquel. And it shows that screen in your screenshot.



thegnu wrote

If it displays the screenshot that I showed you, it means that it's running Libreboot. Libreboot is a fully free BIOS for IBM-Compatible PCs. It removes all binary blobs, including Intel ME. Intel has since made this harder. That is why newer hardware is not libreboot-able. Congratulations on having all unethical software removed from your computer by default. :)