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thegnu wrote (edited )

If it came from Trisquel from a company like Technoethical, Minifree, or really any other company affiliated with the FSF, it likely didn't come with ME. If you got one on eBay that come with Window$ then yes, it has ME. A good way to tell is what happens when you first boot the computer. If it looks something like this. If it shows that screen then no, you do not have ME on your computer. Hope this helped. :)


elyersio OP wrote

Well... I got it on Ebay, but it had Trisquel. And it shows that screen in your screenshot.



thegnu wrote

If it displays the screenshot that I showed you, it means that it's running Libreboot. Libreboot is a fully free BIOS for IBM-Compatible PCs. It removes all binary blobs, including Intel ME. Intel has since made this harder. That is why newer hardware is not libreboot-able. Congratulations on having all unethical software removed from your computer by default. :)