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libreleah OP wrote

What got me into programming was playing videogames as a kid. Ironically, I can't stand them these days, but I still enjoy working on projects related to computing.

My motivation for libreboot was FSF encouragement. Someone working there at the time (Joshua Gay) convinced me to do something along the lines of libreboot, as part of their RYF criteria, then it evolved into a full-scale project. My initial ambitions were much smaller, just to have fun with coreboot basically.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I'd be really interested to know why you can't stand games.


libreleah OP wrote

I just find them boring, mostly. If you put me in front of a videogame I will put the controller down after 10 minutes.

I dabbled in game development when I was in college, but they don't really interest me these days.