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________deleted wrote

I greatly admire the way you've stood up to transphobes in the past and shut down their abuse, you're one of my personal heroes. Who are your heroes?


libreleah OP wrote (edited )

I find this question difficult to answer. I tend to look only at the work/accomplishments themselves, while being indifferent towards the individual, since a person is never perfect, and they are not what they do. It will take me time to come up with a list.


Major political figures who I admire: Jeremy Corbyn, current leader of the UK labour party. I like him because not only is he principled, and willing to stand up for his beliefs even in the face of adversity (he was arrested several times for protesting in anti-apartheid marches, in the 1980s), he didn't want the job of being leader of the party. He was just asked to stand in the initial party leadership contest, because no other leftwing candidate was available (the contenders in the contest were all centrists). He wasn't even expecting to win, and doesn't care about power, he just wants to do the Right Thing. People like that are the ones who deserve leadership, because they think for the collective, not themselves.

Chelsea Manning: Despite horrendous treatment in prison, she is still campaigning strongly even now. Getting out of prison, she didn't use it and escape to lead a "comfortable" life. She is straight back into politics. She's also a left winger. She has the exact personality type such that I think she might run for president, one day. I really liked the article she wrote in the guardian, about how Obama wasn't leftwing enough during his tenure: I can't find the link at the moment, but it was spot-on. Perhaps one of you can find it. She was talking about how he was too timid, or something like that. All this, after just being released from prison, thanks to the very man she was criticizing. That takes guts, and strength of character. I agreed with most of what she was saying aswell.

As a fellow trans woman, she has my respect.

Those are political figures, though I'm not currently sure who else to write about.


xxi wrote

Might this be the article? Sure seem to fit the description anyway.


libreleah OP wrote

Indeed. That is the article in question. Thank you for digging it up. I will now bookmark it.