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libreleah OP wrote (edited )

Close future for libreboot? Coreboot recently added a few new motherboards that are libreboot candidates, for next release. Swift Geek and Andrew Robbins have been working very hard on the project over the last year (I haven't been as active lately). We might be able to do a new release at some point during 2018.

Other projects: Transit

Libreboot is the only software project that I'm involved with, at present.

I have very little time for projects these days, so I'm mostly just focusing on my own things and not starting anything new at the moment.


ca5852b80e34d8861519f3131 wrote

I'm curious. Which motherboards are candidates?


libreleah OP wrote


Intel G41/ICH7 :

ASRock G41C-GS R2.0 (Still sold brand new, DIP8 socket)

Foxconn G41S-K

Intel Atom D410 :

Intel D410PT (similar to D510mo)

These could very well be added in the next release. We'll have to look into them first to see what issues they have, if any. But yes, there will be some new systems supported in the next release.