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Pop wrote

hi Leah!

ummm, so I'm one of those people on raddle with minimal knowledge around tech and programming stuff

which leads me to ask, what are your politics and how do they relate to your work with Libreboot etc?

(I see a lot of people really interested in free software on this site and though I think I understand the basics part of what I want is to understand how intimately bound up politics are in the question of free software)


libreleah OP wrote

I'm a democratic socialist; I believe in public healthcare, the welfare state and so on. I'm also actively involved with the Labour party in the UK, where I live. Labour is a socialist party. I've always been leftwing, for the most part.

How it relates to Libreboot and free software: I believe that resources and knowledge should be universal to everyone, whether it be healthcare, education, food, transport, basically anything. I even believe in things like universal living wage and so on. I believe in free software for the same reason I'm a socialist: I think that everyone should have the "means to production" so to speak, when they use their computers. I believe that knowledge should be shared.


moochmcgee wrote

tbh "the question of free software" uses similar language to hitler talking about "the jewish question" and i have no idea why i noticed that.