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Part of the reason why I continue to use FLOSS stuff is because I love freedom. The other reasons? One of them is that people claim FireFox is "FireCucks" because they supported RiseUP and other privacy stuff for leftists. And now people are saying that FreeBSD is evil/infested with SJW retoric so they aren't gonna use it. Just look at /r/freebsd for example.

So, anyone here gonna try it out, just to piss off the Alt-Reich?



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ziq wrote

It's certainly on my radar now when before it wasn't.


libre_dev wrote

Don't have any experience with BSD, so probably not.


art wrote

I don't like the idea of other people dictating what I do even indirectly. I will keep using the tools I love and I don't care what others are doing with those platforms.


rms wrote

the BSDs are corporate shills (not saying the linux foundation isn't tho), so I don't support them. copyleft or fuck off TBQH