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Dirtbagleftist wrote

What do you recommend instead?


christobal wrote

Solus if you want something that works out of the box and gets out of the way imo.


alqm wrote

That's good too. I used it for a while. Ikey Doherty is very dedicated to it, very skilled dev.


Fossidarity wrote

I would recommend Debian since Ubuntu is based on that because Debian is not owned by a company.


alqm wrote (edited )

Arch Linux. You make it work the way you want, and in the process learn how your system works. You can fix problems much easier when you know where you left your keys. On distros like Ubuntu, you have a few people responsible for doing the housekeeping on your OS, so you often need their help to do things. That's just a metaphor, not the most accurate description of how it works.

Also, AUR (Arch User Repository) has the kind of packages you find with Flatpaks and Snaps, but it comes in the shape of a simple PKGBUILD file, that contains instructions for your computer to download and build a package from source automatically. As long as you're careful and always check the PKGBUILDs, it's OK.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

plus, you can use antergos or anarchy linux as arch installers, so you dont even need to bother with the installation process, even though I recommend trying at least once (it's as hard as following a complicated cooking recipe).


ziq wrote

If you want something that is compatible with all of the stuff Ubuntu is compatible with but much prettier, use KDE Neon.


DissidentRage wrote

LMDE, Debian, Fedora, Zorin OS, any of a variety of distros that aren't Ubuntu.