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The other day there was a post on free ereaders. Having gotten some useful information out of that, I would like to know of places that sell E-Books without Digital Restrictions Management. Preferably, somewhere that requires minimal to no identification or accepts a crypto like Monero. If those are not an option, I am willing to pay with credit.



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jaidedctrl wrote

If you like sharing (is caring <3), you can check out Libgen-- but if you hate sharing (</3), a legal site is Tor Books' website. They publish a lot of science fiction & fantasy books, all strictly DRM-free.


leftous wrote

The question is are you looking for legal sellers? Or pirate ones?


64WqwCbVQnRhGau OP wrote

Legal is preferred. Though not entirely averse to travelling the high seas


sudo wrote

Here's a list of free ebook libraries. I don't know of any good ones that sell ebooks, because I never buy them.


mcv137 wrote

Pretty sure PM Press and AK Press ebooks are DRM-free.