What's a simple way to monitor/restrict if something phones home or otherwise connects to the internet?

Submitted by gwylan in freeAsInFreedom

I'm not very smart, so I've been having trouble figuring this out. For example, proprietary nvidia drivers and associated software. Is there a way to monitor it and restrict it internet access? I'm guessing AppArmor would do the trick somehow? Or, and I'm not familiar with this method, running something as a different user and restricting internet access to that user would work... but doesn't seem viable for something like a gpu driver? Help would be very appreciated, and I figure this might be useful information for most people on raddle, too. Thanks!


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GrimWillow wrote

Not an expert, but I feel like software such as Gargoyle on your router would give a lot of control over connections from various devices. I suppose from your personal computer's perspective you could maybe use iptables to restrict connections based on rule sets.


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gwylan wrote

Makes sense. I'll just pass on those then. Thanks for the warning!


dele_ted wrote

I'm not sure if i get exactly what you want to do, but if i understand you right, you could use Wireshark to monitor the traffic and then apply firewall rules as you see fit.


pavlichenko wrote (edited )

To detect if something phones home or connects to the internet, you could run a packet capture, on your computer, or on your router, or on some other device on your network that can see your traffic. Wireshark and tcpdump are packet analysers. What is your operating system and network setup?

To block the outgoing traffic from leaving your computer, you could use a firewall running on your computer. Two libre options are iptables and ufw. ufw is probably easier to set up.

If all else fails, disconnect your computer from the internet.