~~I'm starting to wonder if I'm missing out by avoiding nonfree software~~ nvm, I have discovered Cataclysm DDA

Submitted by elyersio in freeAsInFreedom (edited )

I mean, it can't *all* be harmful, can it? And, I don't think it really helps. What I should be doing is either convincing developers to make their software free, or learning how to develop my own free software. If I knew how to program, I could make free software versions of proprietary programs I like.




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jadedctrl wrote (edited )

You don't avoid non-free software because it's good praxis in and of itself-- avoiding non-free software's just a way to avoid the unjust hierarchy between developer and user and stay in control of your computer.

You can use nonfree software while still being a Free Software activist-- the only downside is that people you talk to about FS might think you're a hypocrite (``but you use Steam'' etc etc). And the whole ``inequal relation and relinquishment of control,'' but I guess that's a non-issue if you don't care about it.

But if you consider that insignificant enough-- a non-issue-- to use non-free software willy-nilly, then how can you justify supporting the Free Software movement? The most you could say would be ``yea, things should be this way, but I guess they don't really need to be…''

EDIT: Everyone in this thread's talking about how a non-free program could be spyware/something evil… it's not about that, dammit!


not_AFX_lol wrote

My interpretation of what you're saying is basically, "Free software is the closest you can get to ethical consumption under capitalism" which makes a lot of sense.


________deleted wrote

It sounds more like you're trying to justify using spyware by telling yourself you can do more for the movement by learning how to code.


elyersio OP wrote

But how can a nonfree program be spyware if it doesn't connect to the Internet?


selver wrote

It can be harmful, that's the whole issue, that you can't know if it is or not.

That being said, I play non-free games. Fuck it.


ziq wrote

What software exactly do you feel you're missing out on?


elyersio OP wrote

games tbh


alqm wrote

If you're talking about Steam games, I gotta say Valve has been joining the data collection stuff by creating features you can only have if you register your phone number, for instance. In CS:GO, you get some sort of priority when looking for matches after you register your phone number.

That is what they say they do. I don't know what they do without your consent, but it must be really big. Having Steam client running in the background all the time must give them loads of data about you.