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im looking for one that is backlit but dont really know what. all i know is i dont want a nook or kindle for obvious reasons. it needs to be able to load either epub or pdfs in from calibre. thanks



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leftous wrote

Glad you brought this up since this is something I have been looking into as well. I wonder if anyone has experience or info.

So far I believe the best hardware may be either a Kobo or Pocketbook. I have found free software on both:

OS replacement for kobo -

Viewer for Kobo or Pocketbook -

Pocketbook itself uses linux and GPL -


zombie_berkman OP wrote

pocketbooks arent backlit but its looking like a kobo


boringskip wrote

Oh awesome. I hate using bright screens, I'm still using a first-gen Kindle with eink. It's not FOSS, but it has a hardware switch for wifi, so that's something, and they're like $20