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This is the brand new search engine that has come up in the AI frontline recently. The best part is that it works offline and we can get results for practically, any code. I already found it useful when the internet connection dropped while it was raining.

It comes as a chrome extension and is completely, free. IMHO, this will change the way we use search engines in the future.



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kore wrote (edited )

If you look at the files on the github page it's pretty clear what's going on. I think it's just some sort of algorithm library. If by "offline search engine" you mean "free book that you can search the contents of" then yeah, it's an offline search engine... what a fucking joke.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Hi lousie,
Unlike most of the people on this site I don't know much about cool computer things.

I'm not really understanding what this does? You can search for stuff even when you aren't on the internet? like, say, ddg but offline? Is it storing the whole internet's data on your computer? What's the use of searching for something when you can't click through to see what you find? Maybe I'm totally misunderstanding.

Anybody feel free to jump in and clarify.


surreal wrote

The title of this post is misleading. The project is a Code search engine, you search for specific algorithms or code snippets. I didn't find anything fishy after 20mins of going through the source, it's mostly c++ examples and it has some other languages as well. Also it seems to be just a static web page with the context or smthn. I suppose once there is enough material you could just clone the project on your PC and search through the code examples "offline"


ziq wrote (edited )

Chrome tho? Doesn't it support Firefox? What's the point of it being FOSS if it requires Chrome?


F3nd0 wrote

A libre program depending on non-libre software is still better than if both were non-libre. And although Firefox (and derivatives) is clearly the first much better option that comes to mind, it might still work with Chrome-compatible browsers, like Iridium (which should be libre, but considering the messy base, I can't vouch for it).