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jadedctrl wrote

This sub is pretty closely related to the whole UNIX/LiGNUx community, so it makes sense why it's using the theme it does.

Material-* would look too generic, you know?


watermelon wrote

For reference: (Material ubuntu) (Material greyscale)

I like ubuntu from those 2 choices but I'd miss the blinking cursor, green lines/text and ./ [] symbols from here, so I'm not sure.


dele_ted wrote

I think a lot of people, including me, are getting pretty tired of seeing the material design everywhere, simply because it's relatively easy to pull off with a nice color palette. This is much more interesting, and sets Raddle apart from other forums, even though it might not be super aesthetically pleasing (and that's coming from a freelance web dev and designer - beauty is important, but not as important as diversity and uniqueness).


ziq wrote

I think material-greyscale is the one that is a little broken on mobile - The menu in the upper right corner appears as if it's hidden because it's white-on-white.

Material-Firefox is my fave material-flavor.

I'm going to tag your thread as [META].