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mikesum32 wrote

Good thing you can fork any GPL/MIT/BSD code that's been widely distributed due to the awesome licenses.


emma wrote (edited )

Wish you could fork the developers too. As arrogant and greedy as those who pull this shit are, they can afford to be so because they are among only a handful of people on the entire planet who both have the knowledge and the drive to develop something like Redream.


mikesum32 wrote

There are lots of talented people who may fork this, and I doubt there are gobs of people waiting to shovel out money for a formerly free (as in beer) emulator.


yie wrote (edited )

Hope a fork gets Linux support.


ShiningWing wrote

Reminds me of Cemu, that emulator has always been closed source, with the developer making money off of Patreon while slowly drip-feeding minor updates. I'm sure they're a skilled developer, but all the reasons they gave for being closed-source have just come off as excuses.