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zombie_berkman wrote

rms has something about each license and what is wrong with it i believe


xxi wrote (edited )

Not a directory per se but this is a decent and readable resource for someone new to the whole thing: Since software may change it mostly mentions about certain companies/actors instead of specific software.

I'd argue that it's enough to give someone genuinely curious about it all. I.e. not just mouthing of because you say you dislike Facebook Messenger, Google Chrome or something along these lines.

I don't know if you find this following opinion useful, but sometimes people have no intention of listening to what you have to say. In those cases it's probably better just stating your opinion — in case someone else is reading it — and move along.


the_electric_ant wrote

Why don't we create such a website as a wiki or something like that?


elyersio OP wrote (edited )

Well, I was wondering if the 'like someone and they won't know unless they like you back, then you both get notified of the match' mechanic could be done with crypto magic. Could it be possible without centralization?

Edit: Sorry, just realized this isn't the 'World's first free software dating site in construction' post.