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lambda wrote

The very first I ever heard of youtube-dl was due to mpv, the free software video player. By default, it pulls in youtube-dl as a dependency so you can stream videos from sites straight from mpv rather than needing to download them if unnecessary (e.g., watching a video without all the BS javascript and malware).

The frequent updates are great for sites other than youtube, too. This also helps for circumventing draconian copy protection or shitty Flash players that still exist.


sudo wrote

Mpv can do that? I've been downloading them from Youtube this whole time. I'll have to try that out, but I don't know if my internet connection is fast enough to stream them. Do you just pass the Youtube URL right into mpv?


lambda wrote

Yeah, just use the full URL as an argument. I think VLC supports some video sites, too, but I'm not sure if it uses youtube-dl.