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josefStallman wrote

Most people on this site aren't American, to my understanding. I actually broke my normal code of conduct and called everyone I could about it, but we'll see.

Plus my in-house intranet full of niche OS ISO's should keep me busy well after the internet shuts down entirely.


ziq wrote (edited )

Because America is a lost cause. Your masters will do whatever they want like they always do and you'll let them.

Net neutrality is pretty low on their list of crimes against humanity.


PurpleDaisy wrote

I've already contacted my senators, not really much point.
How do you build mesh networks?


elyersio OP wrote

Well, cjdns is made for networking computers. They already have a mesh internet called Hyperboria.


sudo wrote

If net neutrality does get repealed, what will that mean for Americans who use Tor browser all the time? Will they just get slowed down, or will ISPs try to block all connections to the Tor network, including bridges?