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GrimWillow OP wrote (edited )

Why try and organize something like that on reddit? They are a horrible platform for attempting important Anarchist liberation projects.

Yea, hey, maybe I'm just misjudging you. I really don't have the time to confirm right now. It just feels kind of weird as I see all these fake Antifa things getting traction in the media and it just pisses me off.

Tomorrow at some point I'm down to continue talking about this. Because if you are interested in Anarchism, I am interested in solidarity with you. I guess I'm just kind of feeling meh right now.


happysmash27 wrote

I used Reddit at the time I started because I hadn't heard of Raddle; now, however, I'm just using it because that's where everyone subscribed to the subreddit is already there (although there is a Raddle forum, since I created it when I joined the site).