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happysmash27 wrote (edited )

I've been slowly getting less and less confident over time, trying to pander to as much people as possible, as no one has really given any really good feedback. Should I remove that line? I originally started with this post, but have been removing more and more from the description for fear of being controversial or accidentally making a point which is not anarcho-communist.

I honestly don't really care much about the specifics; I just want to create a free, anarcho-communist society...

Edit: please help me though if I don't understand it. Part of the reason all of these edits have happened is that I'm afraid of exactly that; all I have really done is read the Wikipedia article and agreed with every point, as well as points made in anarchist subreddits. The vague line about constitutions is a direct result of me not being sure how much that goes along with anarchism, actually...


GrimWillow OP wrote

Anarcho-Communists are at a bunch of battlefronts, and they need a lot of help. You can't claim to be Anarchist if you're not concerned with the battle being waged against us. Your focus on building a "micronation" seems not well thought out in terms of the scale and dedication that would be required to embark on such a journey.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't try to come up with forms of horizontal organizing, but why not look into other examples of it, or support modern attempts at it? Or at least start a git-hub version of something to show how serious you are. Starting a website with a flag that looks similar to the US flag seems like an odd choice, plus it doesn't scream anything serious.


happysmash27 wrote

Hmm... the flag is actually based on the Esperanto flag combined with the original LGBT flag and the anarcho-communism star :/. I didn't think it would come off as US... It's just a placeholder, anyway. No one voted on any flags, but I needed something to put on the website (mostly because I was thinking about asking for the mods of /r/micronations to put it in the top with the other flags for advertising).

What type of thing with GitHub, btw? The current organization platform is a sub-reddit, and I plan on making a blockchain-based voting system at some point. For the website, maybe? Or constitutions?

As for dedication, I plan on dedicating my life to it if necessary, so I wouldn't say that would be a problem.

What other attempts are there at organizing? It seems absolutely futile to organise where I live, hence wanting to create a micronation (or technically a commune. I originally called it a micronation, but someone pointed out that calling it a commune would be more accurate).


GrimWillow OP wrote (edited )

Why try and organize something like that on reddit? They are a horrible platform for attempting important Anarchist liberation projects.

Yea, hey, maybe I'm just misjudging you. I really don't have the time to confirm right now. It just feels kind of weird as I see all these fake Antifa things getting traction in the media and it just pisses me off.

Tomorrow at some point I'm down to continue talking about this. Because if you are interested in Anarchism, I am interested in solidarity with you. I guess I'm just kind of feeling meh right now.


happysmash27 wrote

I used Reddit at the time I started because I hadn't heard of Raddle; now, however, I'm just using it because that's where everyone subscribed to the subreddit is already there (although there is a Raddle forum, since I created it when I joined the site).