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Submitted by Tux18 in freeAsInFreedom

I've done a bit of research and every service I've come across is either free and secure, but is still monitored, and when it is completely secure, it has an annual fee.

Any suggestions?



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josefStallman wrote

You aren't going to find something that's free as in freedom, free as in beer, secure, and private.

Protonmail is pretty good, but it's not free software.

If you want the best possible email experience, host your own. There's been plenty of self-hosted email services posted to /f/freeasinfreedom.


zer0crash wrote

Seconding self-hosted. It used to be much more of a pain. But Ive heard great things about solutions like Mail-in-a-box that make it much, much easier.

Obviously self-hosted wont be for everyone, but if you have the skills this is the best, most controlled, and secure (if configures properly) method.


Tux18 OP wrote

I figured that much.

Thanks anyway. I'll check that out later!


retiredaccount wrote

Protonmail is pretty good, but it's not free software.

Since that's changed, is it now objectively the best choice?


sudo wrote is pretty good, but they are invite-only. I have an account, but I can only give out invites to trusted people.


Tux18 OP wrote

Aw you don't trust little ol' me?


sudo wrote

I don't think I've seen many of your posts. But if you post a lot here, and generally show yourself to be a good person, then sure.


161 wrote is the best paid service, hands down

riseup,, autistici, activix and espiv are as close to free as in freedom as you'll get, but they all have some form of invite only/application process

google is not your friend. don't use it. ever.


Tux18 OP wrote

As I stated before I don't have a choice in whether I use Google or not. In order to access and turn in assignments I have to use Google services, with the exception of Duck Duck Go.


mofongo wrote

I use tutanota for web mail, it is GPLv3 and has a free version*, it uses end to end encryption by default and you have one alias, however the servers are in Germany which I believe it's part of the eyes but you get EU privacy laws. It does not support IMAP and is not as feature rich as Gmail.

* The paid version increases the amount of storage, have more alias and can set your own domain among other stuff which I don't care about. Unless you really want those, you're not missing much.


[deleted] wrote


christobal wrote

Yeah, their platform is really nice (nextcloud, mail, matrix instance, diaspora instance, collaborative tools, etc).


161 wrote

disroot looks good but they're vague on who exactly is running their servers and where they get their money from...


mcv137 wrote

I'd also suggest Protonmail. I used the free version for almost a year before moving to a paid plan. If you're diligent about keeping below your quota (and don't mind deleting your messages instead of archiving), there's no real need to use the paid plans.


Halstan wrote

If you have a friend who knows a bit about computers and networks, they can make an email host. My buddy did that for all of us.


Tux18 OP wrote

Eh, if i'm going to go down the route of setting up an email host i'd rather learn how to do it and do it myself. The only person I know with experience in that area is my Dad, and as you can probably imagine he might be a little suspicious as to why I need my own host.