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indi wrote (edited )

I think both subforums are great ideas, but I don't think combining them into one is a great idea at all. If there were a single forum for both new projects and for asking for help on existing projects, the latter would simply be completely swamped by the former. Inexperienced coders always think it's easier to just start a completely new project than to join an existing one, and they're almost always wrong.

But established projects - for better or worse - are established, and they need love to keep pace. Free software lives by people improving existing free software far more than by people making new free software. Contributing to an existing project is the best thing you can do for free software - orders of magnitude better than starting your own. (It's not bad to start your own project, but 999 out of 1000 new projects will wither and die without ever having any impact. So contributing to an established project is just way more likely to be impactful.)

Let there be a forum that might actually do a lot of good, where relatively established projects can ask for assistance in general or for specific needs... and then let there also be a forum for eager novices to pitch their personal or vanity projects and fish for interest. Both have a place in the FLOSS ecosystem. (Honestly, personally, I'd subscribe to the former, but not the latter; I'd be very interesting in contributing to real, established free software projects; but as for hearing elevator pitches for new software ideas, I'll take a pass... presumably any really interesting ideas will be upvoted enough to catch my eye without me subscribing.)