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Zerush wrote (edited )

Can you trust GitHub? Subsidiary of Microsoft since 2018

First rule: You can't trust your own shadow on the internet


emma OP wrote

I can't wait for people to discover in a few years that putting all their eggs in one basket was a huge mistake.


Zerush wrote (edited )

Although it is ultimately irrelevant where it is hosted, security depends on the hosted application itself and its developer. This is valid for FOSS as well as for any other software. There are very bad surprises with unattended FOSS, as malicious people also have free access to the script. It is not difficult to find good examples of this, such as dupeGuru, FrostWire, MPlayerX (links point to VirusTotal results) and other FOSS that include Malware, several others with adware, important security holes and / or financed with surveillance advertising techniques, such as Mozilla (several trackers from Google Alphabet Inc and others). You always have to be careful, before using any software or service, AV scan, reading PP and TOS before use are essential also good reading independent reviews too.