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While I've been reading the open letter that is circulating in support of rms (they write something about misunderstanding rms, that are mostly just caused because rms sticking logical linguistic blabla...) I decided to take a quick look what rms is recently writing in their blog, just to find for 24 March 2021: "Protesters attacking cops" and "The protesters attacked cops violently and injured some severely." ...and ending with "The left needs to adopt disciplined nonviolence...."

That's not about linguistic, gramma, logic, bla. It's just repeating cops mouthpieces, and that's not because rms is original clever, that is because he does follow believes that are simply routed in ideology. And calling that out, is ok! even more if you reside in position of power that makes others uncomfortable joining. Obviously this was just me picking up an example from the last 2 days of rms blog posts, and that was just to present a counter argument to "but rms is just about logic", and not not further related to the criticism that is circulating to get rms off the fsf board/dismantle fse.

Here other report stating that: cops attacked protester, and protester acted in self-defense: What actually Happened in Bristol – and How a Narrative is Built

Some analysis on the Failure of Nonviolence:



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ziq wrote

it's the beard, isn't it? marx, stallman, vaush, they just can't resist white knighting for shitty bearded white men


moonlune wrote (edited )

tbf he wouldn't be the first lib to have shitty takes on non-violence. No need to hold him to higher standards than regular libs (when he can't even reach that).


syster OP wrote

In a follow up note (2020.03.29) rms admits that cops actually lied, but only "partially". shut up rms.

"UK thugs [cops] lied (partially) about the violence at the first Briston protest; on subsequent days, they attacked peaceful protesters"