200+ Subscribers, 300+ Posts, and 4+ months of /f/freeasinfreedom

Submitted by josefStallman in freeAsInFreedom (edited )

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to make a little announcement about some milestones we've reached in the last few days. I greatly appreciate all the people who post, comment, and generally contribute to the forum.

To all the newcomers, welcome! Welcome to raddle, and welcome to /f/freeasinfreedom. Our rules are pretty simple and not terribly restrictive, but check them out before posting. Check out some of the old posts, too. A lot of cool stuff has been posted here in the last 4 months, it might be worth your time. If you're new to raddle, check out our comrade forums in the sidebar too! They're smaller, but no less cool.

To everyone who's been here from the start (especially my friend /u/sudo), thank you for sticking around and continuing to show off all the cool stuff you find across the free and open source community. You make this forum possible.

If anyone has any ideas for projects or things to make the forum better, feel free to make a separate post or reply to this one.

Final point is that I wanted to plug /f/nettle, a free software project by our own /u/no_fun_allowed to create a distributed forum. It's written in python, so it should be far easier to contribute to than raddle's development.

Thanks again to everyone who makes my dumb hobby possible.

--your general secretary,

 Josef Stallman


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theblackcat wrote

I'd like to see some challenges. Like, everyone gets 10 minutes to draw a raddle frog in Gimp, or an hour to make a raddle theme.